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Keratin Infused product line

Here at Stylz Studio we specialize in Texture Management. Everyone at one point and time has heard of a "smoothing" or a "straighting" treatment and most likely has had one done or thought about having one done. Are you scared about the formaldhyde (or any derivitive of ) in these products or total loss of curl? At Stylz Studio we use the highest level of Grade A keratin with no Formalin. Texture Management is what makes Simply Smooth and BKT Pure NV so unique. Simply Smooth and BKT Pure NV SMOOTHES not straightens the hair. With this product you can do anything from tame your frizz to smooth and reduce curls. Anyone with any hair texture will benefit from any one of the keratin services we do at Stylz Studio. Straight frizzy hair happens to the nicest of people and no one understands why. Other treatments would do nothing but make the hair straighter and that's not what everyone wants. How about flexibilty with your hair. Still wear it curly without all the hassel of tons of products or the ease of blow drying it straight with little or no flat ironing needed. Also, these treatments can be done on the SAME DAY as color or highlights and most other chemicals as well. Pure Color is a color infused shampoo that can be used with color services in the salon and then CUSTOMED for your color specifically for use at home. Call us for a consultation and lets see what your needs are and which treatment is right for you!

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